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Costumer trust


One of Parcitank's main objectives is to give maximum confidence to our customers and to this end we inspect all the materials and components that will make up the final product.


Parcitank monitors the main material of its products, stainless steel, and has established a traceability system of the highest standards for all tank components. From delivery to the end of the manufacturing process, stainless steel coils, pipes, valves and any other stainless steel fittings are inspected with the most advanced equipment.


Today we will focus on three measuring equipment used to guarantee the maximum quality of our products.

Ultrasonic: with this equipment we measure the real thickness of all the stainless steel sheets received and used in the manufacture of our vessels.

Roughness tester: shows us the roughness of the finish of both the stainless steel surfaces and the welds.

Mass spectrometer / x-ray: this allows us to know the quality of the stainless steel and the exact percentage of its components.

For total guarantee and customer satisfaction, once the tank is finished, we proceed to carry out the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) protocol and if the customer cannot come to our facilities, the manufacturing process is monitored by means of graphic documents that the quality department periodically sends to our customer.

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