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In the first quarter of 2021, wine exports recovered to near pre-pandemic levels.

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According to the analysis of the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEMV), based on statistical data from Customs and the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT), exports of wine products surprised in a record month of March, which also accompanied the improvement already observed a month earlier.

Costumer trust

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One of Parcitank's main objectives is to give maximum confidence to our customers and to this end we inspect all the materials and components that will make up the final product.
Parcitank monitors the main material of its products, stainless steel, and has established a traceability system of the highest standards for all tank components.

Closing of the first edition of the access course to Parcitank, S.A.

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Parcitank has successfully closed the first edition of the access course to Parcitank, S.A., organised by Adecco Formación S.A. ( and Parcitank, S.A., which has had 13 students.
This programme arises from a business need, which offers students the opportunity to obtain training in welding. This on-site training consists of 104 hours of theoretical-practical content.

Evolution of the Wine Sector in the 21st Century

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The weight of the different Spanish regions in wine exports has changed radically over the last two decades. The earthquake that the wine sector has undergone from 2000 to the present day has produced a very different scenario, with Castilla-La Mancha becoming the undisputed leading power, Catalonia relegated to second place and Andalusia condemned to an unparalleled decline.

Parcitank announces the granting of the European patent for the "Farmitank" system

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Parcitank is one of the leading Spanish companies in the national market for metal transformations. Its wide range of products supplies sectors as diverse as water, food, chemical and energy, mainly. Its latest innovation has been to develop an integral cultivation system, with artificial light, inside modular vertical tanks.
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