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Parcitank bets on automation

Parcitank S.A., aiming to provide our customers with all kinds of solutions, created an electrical installations and automation department, whose main purpose was to provide added value to our projects.

This department has made it possible to integrate the automation control part, which was often required, both in vessels and at customers’ installations.

As an example of the development created in these few years, here is a small sample of what has been achieved:



Control of two chocolate tanks with a Siemens touch screen.

  • Control of the chocolate racking to the factory by displaying the volume in kg (the tank has a load cell weighing system).
  • Temperature control, both for the tank and the transfer pipeline.  With the possibility of setting changes.
  • Control of the agitation system with the possibility of adjusting the speed setting.



CIP cleaning system in the SKID model, (on platform or bench).

  • Sub-screen: access to settings. (recipes, soda/acid, manual and programme).
  • Sub-screen: setting up recipes for the cleaning system.
  • Sub-screen: product-prepared settings for both soda and acid.
  • Sub-screen: cleaning programme selection.



Cooling control system for a winery where three different installations are involved, all of them networked by Profinet.

  • control system of the glycol water supply pumps against the tanks and control of the recirculation pumps of the cooling equipment on the buffer tank.
  • Control of tank settings.
  • Control of agitation settings in several vessels depending on the elaboration process stablished in each tank.


In accordance with our philosophy, we will continue to work hard to provide solutions to our customers.


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