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The trust of our clients is the greatest boost to moral and constitutes the “raison d'être” of any company.

At PARCITANK, we are aware that through active listening over time, we can detect our customers’ interests and needs to meet their expectations. In this way, we can ensure that the goods we deliver are in accordance with what they expect to receive.

Every customer is unique, so every operation entrusted to a supplier must be unique as well.


Only those customers who have been satisfied will repeat when they must make a new investment, and the best way to create a "brand" is indeed through the recommendations of customers who, in addition to obtaining a product in accordance with their needs, have felt listened to by their suppliers and potential suppliers.

We must never forget that the growth of their companies means our own growth. In this regard, we would like to thank Brasserie de Bretagne for their repeated trust in PARCITANK.

Brasserie de Bretagne is a French brewing beer company with new facilities in Concarneau since last May 2020. These new facilities are allowing its projection in the sale of artisan beer to be unstoppable.

The photos shown here are from the latest delivery of beer fermenters manufactured by PARCITANK and delivered to Concarneau.

Even the press echoed the expansion of its facilities and the newspaper  published an article and a video which can be seen in the following links:

Brands currently commercialised by Brasserie de Bretagne are considered a benchmark by beer experts, and their professional and human know-how make them a model company, whose evolution represents a new challenge for those of us who aspire to continue maintaining commercial links with them.

We would like to express our deepest thanks and support to the professionals whose work is making Brasserie de Bretagne great.

To learn more about Brasserie de Bretagne, visit their website:

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