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Castilla-La Mancha, leader in wine exports

The Castilla-La Mancha region is the one that has increased its wine exports the most between 2000 and 2023.

Castilla-La Mancha, leader in wine exports

According to the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEMV), the wineries of Castilla-La Mancha accounted for 887 million euros last year, accounting for 26.4% of the national total, and surpassing Catalonia by 253 million euros, which is the second region with the highest export value. Compared to other regions with a strong wine-growing tradition, Castilla-La Mancha practically triples the exports of the Valencian Community and La Rioja, and quadruples those of Castilla y León, the Basque Country and Murcia.

From 2003 to 2023, Castilla-La Mancha has grown by an annual average of 6.6% in value and 5.9% in volume, well above the national average. According to the study, there are 4 communities that have lost volume so far this century: the Canary Islands (-7.1%), Andalusia (-3.5%), Galicia (-3.4%) and the Balearic Islands (-1.8%). Only Andalusia has decreased its turnover (-1.8% year-on-year).

In overall national terms, in 2023 wine exports fell by 2.8% in volume and 1.8% in value. This fall may be due to high inflation, international political tensions, wars, higher energy and fuel prices, or tariffs on wine trade in various countries.

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