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Parcitank announces the granting of the European patent for the "Farmitank" system

Parcitank is one of the leading Spanish companies in the domestic market for metal transformations. Its wide range of products mainly supplies sectors as diverse as the water, food, chemical and energy sectors. Its latest innovation has been to develop an integral cultivation system, with artificial light, inside modular vertical tanks.

Parcitank announces the granting of the European patent for the "Farmitank" system

In 2017, Parcitank started an innovative technological project focused on the design and manufacture of a vertical farm that provides great economic and functional advantages. It is a modular tank, 6 metres in diameter and up to 18 metres high, dismountable and made of stainless steel, which can house up to 400 m² of crops. All the climatic, lighting and irrigation conditions are automatically controlled by means of management software specially designed for this application. With this new system, the company offers a comprehensive, turnkey solution, with all the technologies and equipment necessary to set up a hydroponic vertical farming installation: from the foundations, irrigation systems, climate control and LED lighting. This project makes Parcitank a pioneering company in the manufacture of this type of vertical farming installations, being to date the only company in Spain to offer a turnkey solution that integrates all the cultivation technologies, as well as its own work system.

European patent granted

On 10 March 2021, the European patent for the system developed by Parcitank under the name "Farmitank" was published in the European Patent Bulletin. This patent, registered under the name "Tank housing a vertical farm" and whose inventor is the CEO of Polalsa Group and R&D Director of Parcitank, Mr. Vicente Parra Cebrián, joins the list of patents already granted to date, including the national patent and the Russian and Chilean patents.

In this situation, the R&D department of Parcitank is currently in the process of selecting European countries in which to patent this product.

Patents in the process of validation

The patent application process for the Farmitank system began in 2016, when this novel design idea emerged. Since then, the relevant procedures have been carried out to obtain patents for this design in European countries, Asian countries such as Japan and China, Latin American countries such as Chile and Mexico, and other countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia, among others. Most of these are currently in the final stage of evaluation and filing of objections, so it is expected that all these patents will be granted during the year 2021.


Market launch

Parcitank currently has several open project applications and interests, both nationally and internationally, which will be resolved in the coming months and will set the agenda for the second half of 2021 and 2022. In addition, the arrival of the Next Generation funds opens up a new panorama at European level, which will encourage and launch the implementation of this type of technology.

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