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Parcitank presents its new logo

Parcitank procède à un rebranding en modifiant son logo. Le début d'un rebranding d'entreprise

Parcitank presents its new logo

At Parcitank we are immersed in a change of corporate image and the first step has been the renewal of our logo. We wanted to modernise and give a new look to our old logo, without losing the essence of what it is and what it represents.

The symbolism of the bird is still present, referring to the phoenix that has characterised our company and group throughout its history.
The representation of the globe gains more importance and strength in the logo, symbolising the company's international scope of operation.

As for the colours, we keep the blue tone which is associated with productivity, confidence and security. On the other hand, we added the grey tone that represents the metallic colour of steel, so characteristic in our sector.

As we have already mentioned, this is not the only change in our corporate image and we will soon be communicating more changes in relation to this.