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Stainless steel tanks "Floating lid"

These tanks prevent the creation of an air chamber inside the tank.

Stainless steel tanks "Floating lid"

There is a type of stainless steel tanks that are designed to maintain a constant supply of a certain liquid or material. These are the so-called "floating lid" tanks.
These tanks are characterised by having a floating lid that separates the contents of the tank from the tank roof, thus preventing the creation of any air chamber inside the tank. The aim is to avoid possible environmental contamination or infections, and to maintain a constant content.
The "always full" stainless steel tanks can be used for different sectors, but they are very beneficial for the food sector. They are commonly used for wine, beer, milk, juice, oil...

  •  Increased security in the supply chain.
  • Optimisation of space.
  • Less risk of shortages.
  • Maintains a constant temperature.

At Parcitank we guarantee quality, efficiency and safety in the design, manufacture and installation of this type of tank.

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